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Established in 2015


Focusing on unique and bespoke filament winding solutions

Started Composite Operations in 2019

Leading Filament Winding Solutions


We specialise in advanced composite and unique software solutions servicing aerospace, energy and sport industries.

We focus on custom solutions to address unique customer requests making use of an integrated network of specialists to be the preferred solutions provider to current and future Clients.

Unique solutions are often impossible to obtain due to the vast amount of resources requires and the scale of economy not in favour of bespoke solutions. We address this constraint by passionately delivering solutions in a transparent, lean and agile approach.


To be the preferred long term solution provider to our esteemed Clients and collectively making a difference in society as a whole.

We honour ourselves to form part of the incredible industries and therefore view Clients as long term relationship partners.

All our products and solutions are designed, manufactured and delivered to the utmost quality. Business is always conducted based on an ethical, transparent and responsible ethos.

Phillip Venter


Products & Services

Advanced Sporting Goods, Composite Products, Composite Services, Aerospace.

Advanced Sporting Goods

  • Composite Rifle Stocks

Precision Long Range Shooting – in-house development of carbon fibre rifle front ends. Front ends are manufactured using our filament winding technology thereby delivering a high-performance product. Custom cut outs are possible to address specific client needs.

  • Picatinny Rails

We developed and supply out own unique picatinny rails to support our carbon fibre front end products.

  • Zenith Digital Horizon

In House development of digital Horizon “Zenith”. R&D is complete awaiting delivery of custom designed electronic hardware to commence with manufacturing. All firmware and electronic hardware were developed in-house.

 Composite Products

  • Composite Precision Tubes

We manufacture composite filament winded tubes to client’s specific needs and lengths. Tubes can be manufactured making use of aerospace quality materials that include but are not limited to Carbon, Glass and Aramid Fibres and or a combination thereof. Composite tubes can also be precision ground from 10mm Outside Diameter (OD) to 85mm OD within precision tolerances.

  • Composite Sheets

We design and manufacture composite sheets to clients’ specific specifications. We make use of advanced aerospace technology and materials to deliver world class products.

 Composite Service

  • Composite Profile Cutting

Composite material processing requires specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)and specialised manufacturing tools and techniques. This service is also available to our clients.


  • Composite overwrap pressure vessels (COPV)and combustion chambers

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